Boston Ice Skating Rinks for Free Admission

Are you looking for fun and free ice skating in Boston?!

There are a lot of affordable, and even better– free, indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks in and around Boston!

First off, Ice Skating is free at DCR-owned ice skating rinks and you can find the complete list here. Please note that some rinks are managed or leased by other private and public entities and they will be marked with an asterisk, as they may not offer free ice skating.

You do need to pay for rentals at all rinks if you do not have your own pair of skates to bring.

Here’s two popular free ice skating options in Boston:

Don’t forget to check out the complete list of free DCR Ice Skating rinks in Boston and Boston suburbs here!

Also, skaters under 58 inches skate for free at Boston Common Frog Pond and college students can get half-price admission on Tuesday nights!

Do you know of any free ice skating rinks in Boston and beyond?

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