free fitness classes boston

Whether you’re looking to de-stress, drop some pounds, or keep an active lifestyle, there are plenty of ways to work out for free in Boston! Enjoy free group classes courtesy of the Boston Parks Winter Fitness Series {Through May 1}, the Summer Fitness Series {Coming May 2020}, the Boston Public Library, local community centers, and more.

Here is our list of Free Fitness Classes in Boston:



Yoga– Cambridge Women’s Center, 1 pm

Yoga for Adults– Charlestown Branch Library, 1:30 pm

Yoga– Paris Street Community Center, 6 pm {Through May 1}

Salsa in the Park– Blackstone Community Park, 6 pm {Starting TBA}



Strength Training– BCYF Gallivan Community Center, 11 am {Through May 1}

Yoga– Veronica B. Smith Senior Center, 11 am {Through May 1}

All Ages No Contact Kickboxing– Mattapan Branch Library, 3:30 pm

Uncommon Movement– Boston Common {Soldiers & Sailors Monument}, 6:30 pm

Speed Workout– Tracksmith Trackhouse, 7 pm



Stair Workout– Harvard Stadium, 6:30 am

Zumba Gold– Charlestown Golden Age Community, 10 am {Through May 1}

Boot Camp– ADSL Building at Towne Field, 6 pm {Through May 1}

Barre– BCYF Street Community Center, 6:30 pm {Through May 1}

Pound– Anna Mae Cole Center, 7 pm {Through May 1}



Chair Yoga– Morville House at Symphony Park, 10 am {Through May 1}

Zumba– BCYF Curtis Hall, 6 pm {Through May 1}

Uncommon Movement– Boston Common {Soldiers & Sailors Monument}, 6:30 pm



Hills Workout– Summit Ave, 6:30 am

Cardio Fitness– The Bubble at Carter Field, 10 am {Through May 1}

Tai Chi for Adults– Central Library, 10 am



Hot Pilates– OrigiNation Cultural Arts Center, 7 am

Park Run 5K– Daheny Park & Jamaica Park, 8:45 am

HIIT– Fiedler Field, 10 am {Through March 2020}



Walking Group/Snowshoeing– Franklin Park Clubhouse, 9 am {Through May 1}

Dance HIIT– Faneuil Hall Marketplace, 11 am {March 8 & 29 Only}


Did we miss something? Tell us about more free workouts in Boston! Leave a comment below for our readers: