Free 4-week Boston Globe Subscription Still Available from JetBlue!

My free Boston Globe that arrived on my doorstep today!

I retweeted this offer the other day when I first heard about it, but wanted to mention this again since it’s still available. Receive a free 4-week subscription to The Boston Globe Thursday-Sunday exclusively from JetBlue. You just need to fill out a quick form that doesn’t require a credit card or billing information!

I signed up on Thursday and already received my first newspaper yesterday, and then again today! This offer is only available for households that have not received the Globe in 90 days, which is us since we recently moved 🙂 The only downside (for couponers) is that I didn’t receive the one smart source insert in the paper, but I did get most other sale circulars. However, it will be a nice bonus if I do receive them in the upcoming weeks!

Did you already grab your free 4-week Globe subscription and did you receive the coupon insert? Let me know!