Free National Park Days Boston

If you are 62+ (or have parents or know someone who would be interested), the Federal Parks Lifetime Pass is increasing from $10 to $80 on August 28, 2017.

The Lifetime Pass includes access to all federal parks, lands, and water for $10 + $10 processing fee for LIFE for seniors 62+.

This is a great deal considering admission to many of the parks on the list charge more than $10 admission to begin with and may include 50% off amenity fees and other perks. This is also not an annual pass but a lifetime pass with no yearly fees.

The “America the Beautiful” National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass series is valid at over 2,000 federal recreation with many options in Massachusetts like Cape Cod National Seashore, Adams Historical National Park,  Minute Man National Park and more.

Keep in mind that there is about a 3-month wait to receive a pass due to an increase interest in the pass so if you need it soon, you may want to go directly to a participating site.

For more information about “America the Beautiful” National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass, please head here.

If you are 62+, you may also be interested in a DCR MassParks pass which is also $10 for life and includes DCR parks and beaches in Massachusetts.