Haymarket Produce stand in boston

This week I wanted to feature Haymarket in Boston (and we are not talking about the T stop). If you are not familiar, Haymarket is an open air market which sells an array of produce on Fridays and Saturdays year round (except select holidays) from dawn to dusk.

Keep in mind this is not your average Farmers Market in Boston. Prices are much cheaper and are grown (and shipped from) all over the world. Keep in mind Haymarket is more of a surplus market and produce can be on the older side and may not be as fresh as the supermarket. Just make sure if you buy something, you will eat it soon.

However, prices reflect that and are cheaper than the Supermarket. Generally if you go early in the day, the produce will be high quality and later in the day, prices will be cheaper as vendors are trying to get rid of the product. I went first thing on a Friday morning for some produce and found some great deals:

haymarket produce

I got some great deals on produce. For example, I got a bundle of Asparagus and a 3/lb bag of onions for $1 each, and both items tend to sell for $2.99 each or more at my grocery store.

Haymarket is a great way to extend your grocery budget. Keep in mind you can always be creative with leftover produce to make jams, etc. or freeze certain items to get more bang for your buck.

Have you been to Haymarket before? Do you have any tips to share?