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Every Friday, I feature a fun and budget-friendly option in the Greater Boston area. The “Feature Friday” is typically mentioned on the Cheap Eats list, Free Things to Do in Boston, or Discount Attractions. However, there’s so much budget-friendly ideas on my pages, I thought it would be fun to feature something budget-friendly and different each week. Also, each Feature Friday is something I have personal experience with or took advantage of recently! Enjoy!

Recently I checked out smartphone app, Mobee. If you are not familiar with Mobee, it is basically a mystery shopper service right on your phone. You can get rewards for visiting and reviewing your favorite places in and around Boston.

After I downloaded the app, I checked out what participating restaurants and retailers were near me. For my first mission, I decided to order from a participating pizza place. I needed to order a large pizza past 5pm, which I was planning to do anyway. I read all the terms first, and then submitted by request for the mission. I made sure I kept the times of my phone call, pickup, etc. and paid attention to the service I received. For my first mission, I also needed to take a picture of my receipt and pizza.

Overall, the mission took a lot less time than I thought it would to complete. It may took 15 minutes of my time, if that.

After I finished, I waited for approval to receive my points. My specific mission was worth 1500 points, plus there was a bonus for completing my first mission and for signing up through a referral link (enter my referral code RWLH for 300 points!)

For 1000 points, you can redeem a gift card for $10 for Target, Dunkin Donuts, iTunes, and more. You can also receive a cash through Paypal for 6000 points for $50 if you would rather have cash than gift cards. (However, 5000 points will get you a $50 gift card to Amazon, Best Buy, Target, etc. so gift cards are a better deal if you ask me.)

After my first mission, I am only a few points shy of receiving a $25 gift card. Although I had to purchase and review my pizza, I think this was a pretty good deal, especially since I was going to order pizza anyway. I was also able to use a coupon for my pizza purchase to bring the overall cost down, which was nice.

Every mission is a little different and points will vary depending on the mission. However, if you frequent places like Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, D’Angelo’s, Ben & Jerry’s, and much more, you may want to check out Mobee!

Not every location may participate, but the app is very easy to use and to find missions! I can’t wait to check out another mission and to redeem a Home Goods gift card in the future 🙂

If you are interested in learning more or downloading the app, please head here. If you use my referral code RWLH when you download the app, we both will receive 300 points when you complete your first mission!

Have you used Mobee before? Do you have any tricks and tips to share with me?

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