Wait, is it New Year’s Eve tonight or something?! From First Night Boston, to free MBTA rides after 8pm with extended hours until 2pm, there is no doubt a lot happening in Boston to welcome 2013!

However, one of my favorite New Year’s Eve promotions is from Bukowski Tavern. At their Cambridge location, they describe their Fuck New Years event as “no hats, no noise-makers or any of that shit. No cover! In fact we do an “uncover” charge; we give you a buck just to come in! PBR Toast sometime around midnight, if the staff is sober enough to remember!”

Both the Cambridge and Dalton Street location will give you a buck for stopping in after 8pm. So if you would like to forget the celebration and day altogether, stop into Bukowski’s tonight.

Hat tip to Cheap Thrills Boston!


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