Are you familiar with Entertainment Book? If you are not, Entertainment Book is filled with coupons for local restaurants, attractions, retail stores, and much, much more. There are many different Entertainment books for different cities, but there is a Greater Boston Entertainment Book!

These books retail for $35, but do go sale (like now). Right now you can buy an entertainment book for $15 with free shipping through April 14, 2014. You can also add a second book for $10 which would make each book $12.50 each.  You could give the second book as a gift, or get another book for either the same town or maybe a future vacation spot.

The majority of coupons in these books expire at the end of November, so you do have time to use them! I typically receive this book as a Christmas gift and keep it in my car so I don’t forget to check the book before I go into a restaurant, retail store, etc. throughout the year.

There’s a nice glossary in the back which lists participating businesses by alphabetical order and by town, which is nice when you are on the go!

For more information or to purchase an Entertainment Book, please head here.

Do you use an Entertainment Book to save money? Have you bought one for a vacation destination instead of your local town?

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