Update! This offer has been extended until 5/15/14 for $11 per entertainment book with free shipping! If you buy multiple books, you will also save an additional 11%.

As mentioned before on the blog, an Entertainment Book is a great way to get additional coupons and savings for local attractions, restaurants, retailers, and more. In the past, I would stash this in my car’s glove box so I wouldn’t forget a coupon or restaurant deal before I left the house.

I know a few people that buy the Entertainment Book for cities they are visiting on vacation for the local attraction and restaurant coupons. There are also national chains in the book as well.

For 11 hours only, the Entertainment Book is $11 with free shipping. For more information or to purchase an entertainment book, please head here.

ETA: I am an affiliate partner of Entertainment Book, please see my disclosure policy here.

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