Wine Riot Discount TicketsWine Riot is heading to The Castle at Park Plaza this weekend from November 16-18, 2018.

Tickets for Wine Riot Boston are $65 but Goldstar Boston has discount tickets available. Tickets through Goldstar are $40 + service fee and are available for various windows each day.

Groupon also has discount tickets for Wine Riot but they are the Goldstar tickets and promo codes are not eligible. It also appears it would be $1.50 more expensive to purchase through Groupon over Goldstar.

I went to Wine Riot in my pre-kid days and it was one of the better wine tasting events in my opinion. There was a lot of different wine tasting booths and we discovered a lot of new favorites! It’s been a few years though.

For more information about Wine Riot, please head here. To find discount tickets through Goldstar to Wine Riot, please head here.

Have you been to Wine Riot before? Will you be going this year?