date nightFor many, date nights with your significant other have taken a backseat during this time of Quarantine. Balancing working from home, with pets, and children, there’s never been this much time actually being together with your partner.

Romantic time with your partner shouldn’t have to stop just because you’re spending more time at home. Here’s our list of top indoor date night ideas.

Working Out Together

Working out makes you feel (and look!) good – why not share those endorphins with your partner. Whether it’s flowing through vinyasa yoga or getting your sweat on with a Bootcamp style workout, there’s something for every couple. Beachbody On Demand offers some great workouts that you can easily stream from your TV, laptop or the app. Check out Boston on Budget’s review of Beachbody, which includes the app’s features and cost after the two-week trial.


Watch a Documentary

Exercise your mind and allow for a time for debate after choosing a documentary! CuriosityStream offers thousands of documentaries, from award-winning science and nature to lifestyle and society.



It’s been proven that doing puzzles are great for your brain and improves short-term memory along with mental speed and thought process. It’s also a fun and relaxing activity to complete with your partner. There’s a scene and puzzle for everyone – and if you like the way it turns out, it can always turn into a poster or a placemat, using mod podge


Interior Design Planning

With all the time that you’re spending in your home or apartment with your significant other, why not take a look at some interior design inspiration from the likes of Pinterest to rethink your space. Turn on HGTV for extra inspiration as well. Regardless of whether or not you move forward with re-doing any of your rooms, it’s fun to plan out your dream home for the future.


Culinary Adventure Night

Make a joint Spotify playlist and set out to have a culinary adventure night. For the more game-oriented, make it a Top Chef challenge by only allowing each other to use the products that are in your pantry and refrigerator. For less of a challenge, grab a meal-delivery kit, like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh


Breakfast for Dinner Night

Maybe one of the greatest memories of childhood, breakfast for dinner is super easy, creative and fun, especially paired with a Mimosa or a coffee and Bailey’s. The Breakfast Club might be the perfect movie to throw on to fit the theme.


Learn to Dance

Brush up on your dance skills by learning to dance online! Dance Tango TV offers online classes for all skill levels, from beginning to advanced for $19/month (currently offering a free trial class). YouTube is also a treasure trove of free dance classes.


Bring out the Board Games

Being at home means lots of screen time. Take a break from the electronics and take your pick at a board game! You could even do a “throwback” night where each of you selects your favorite board game of the past from your childhood to play together.