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The Patriots play the Dallas Cowboys this afternoon. With two sets of rabidly loyal fans, you can expect an exciting game. If you want to watch the game from home, you’ve got options. You don’t need cable or even a digital antenna to watch the NFL on FOX. In fact, you can watch the game online while its airing live on cable. You’ll be able to watch the Cowboys vs Patriots live stream for free using any of the streaming services listed here.


Date/Time: Sunday, November 24, 2019 at 4:25 p.m. ET

Channel: FOX

Watch Online:  fuboTV


Watch the Cowboys vs Patriots Streaming on fuboTV

Cowboys vs Patriots Live Stream: How to Watch Live for Free

fuboTV offers one package with over 95 channels. Local channels include FOX, NBC, and CBS, but these channels are only available based on locations. In bigger cities, like Boston, there’s a good chance that you’ll get all three. You’ll also have TNT, USA, TBS, FX, FOX Sports, NBCSN, and many other popular channels. When you sign up, fuboTV will start you off with a free one-week trial. You can use this trial to watch tons of sports and shows for free, including the Cowboys vs Patriots live stream.

fuboTV won’t ask you to sign a contract. You can cancel at any point in your subscription. It’s even possible to cancel during the trial. In fact, before the trial is over, fuboTV will let you know that you need to cancel, or you’ll be charged for the first month. If you want to keep the service, you’ll be charged $45 for the first month and then $55 from then on.

With fuboTV, you’ll be able to stream on mobile devices, computers, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and other devices. Streaming is possible on two devices at once, though you can add a third for a fee. You’ll have an on-demand library available to you to go along with your cloud-based DVR. Some space to get you started is included or you can add more. You can even use TV Everywhere apps like FOX NOW and FOX Sports Go.

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Other Ways to Watch Cowboys vs Patriots Online Free

It’s easier than ever to watch local channels like FOX online. While some areas won’t have access, most areas have at least one streaming service offering them local content. If you want to watch the Patriots and you’re in Boston, there are the other services you can try for free:

When you sign up make sure to keep track of what time it is and how long your trial lasts. These services all offer a week for free. At the time your trial ends, you’ll be charged for the first month. If you plan to cancel, you’ll want to plan accordingly to avoid that unwanted payment.


Can I Watch the Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots Online with NFL Game Pass?

You can watch the entire season for the Patriots and every other team in the NFL with NFL Game Pass. This great service offers previous seasons back to 2009 and loads of other NFL content. NFL Game Pass is a cheap way to stream the entire season and to watch as many games as you want. However, you won’t get the Cowboys vs Patriots live stream, as this is a strictly on-demand service. Still, if you want to give NFL Game Pass a try, a free trial is available.

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