The change in travel rules into Massachusetts could result in a fine if you don’t quarantine for fourteen days.

On Friday, Governor Baker announced the updated travel rules due to COVID-19. All those entering the state beginning on August 1st and are over the age of eighteen must submit an online travel form.

According to the government website, failure to complete the travel form after entering Massachusetts and complying with quarantine could result in a $500 fine.

However, a few states are an exception to this order: New England (Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and those returning to Massachusetts) along with New York, New Jersey, and Hawaii. These exemptions are due to the states being “low risk.”

Additionally, some travelers are exempt from the two-week quarantine if they can provide proof that they received a COVID-19 test that tested negative. The sample must have been taken less than three days prior to coming to the state.

According to the new rules, travelers must not have contact with anyone other than the people they’ve traveled with for two weeks. They also can not be in public nor allow any visitors. The only reason that one can leave is for urgent medical care.

According to Governor Baker, compliance is based on an honor system.