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The COVID-19 pandemic has reeked havoc on the state of Massachusetts and specifically the city of Boston. Because of this, many are wondering what essential services are still available and where they can get them. Boston on Budget is here to help. Below is an official list of coronavirus resources for Boston residents regardless of immigration status.


Coronavirus Resources


In need of food? 

Mayor’s Office of Food Access – (617)-635-3717

While all Boston public schools are closed, free breakfast and lunch will be made available to Boston children and youth. Visit the website for more info on the location.

Mass 211 

Official source for info on food pantries and meal sites in the state.

Project Bread Food Source Hotline – (800)-645-8333

Information on community meal programs and food pantries.


In need of medical care?

Mayor’s Health Line – (617)-534-5050

Enroll in health insurance, locate health centers, and find information about child care, food assistance, elderly services, and legal help. Multilingual assistance from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


In need of childcare?

Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement – (617)-635-3138

Information on emergency childcare programs.


If you need a place to stay tonight 

Mass Dept. of of Housing and Community Development, Emergency Housing Assistance – (866)-584-0653

Info on shelter services for families.

Office of Housing Stability – (617)-635-4200

Provides help to find affordable housing options in the Boston area. Helps families navigate the individual and family shelter systems.

City Life/Vida Urbana – (617)-934-5006, (617)-397-3737 Sp

Call for questions about housing service.


If you experience mistreatment from your landlord 

Office of Fair Housing and Equity – (617)-635-2500

Call this number if you feel you’ve been discriminated against by your landlord in regards to receiving housing. Similarly, if for employment or accommodations.


If you need legal help

Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement – (617)-635-2980

Consultation clinics for immigration at Boston City Hall are available by phone. Also, you may email for further instructions.

Lawyers for Civil Rights – (617)-981-4308

Free legal support for any matter related to COVID-19.


If you are 55+ 

Age Strong Commission – (617)-635-4366

The commission provides assistance to the over 55 community. This includes housing, transportation, health care, and employment.


If you are a survivor of domestic violence

Safelink – (877)-785-2020

Confidential support to assist with direct connection and referrals to shelters.


If you need internet connections 

Department of Innovation and Technology – (617)-635-4783

Support for internet connectivity needs. Similarly, you may send an email to


If you own a small business

Mayor’s Office of Economic Development – (617)-635-0355

Support for small businesses.


If you’re a worker 

Massachusetts Attorney General – (617)-727-3465

Online complaints accepted related to minimum wage, overtime payment, sick time, etc…

MassCOSH – (617)-505-8940

Call this number of for worker’s rights inquiries.

Greater Boston Legal Services – (617)-603-1530

Answering all questions about unemployment benefits


If you’re a student or teacher

Boston Public Schools – (617)-635-4783

More information on free breakfast and lunch locations for students. Online learning adaptations.



Mass Legal Help

Lawyers for Civil Rights 

MIRA Coalition 

Leave and Benefits Rights 

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Stay safe out there!