shaws changes

Although I rarely ever post about grocery deals & couponing on Boston on Budget, I wanted to share a few updates that have been happening from Shaw’s just in case you are interested and haven’t caught them elsewhere.

As you probably know Shaw’s was sold earlier in the year, and their hadn’t been any major changes (at least that I’ve noticed) until today, Friday, June 28, 2013. I went earlier this morning, and they were still in the process of updating signage but I did see a lot of changes as well:

  • New Employee Uniforms (with same friendly faces)
  • Price drops and sales on a lot items, with new signage
  • The end of the Rewards Program: no card needed to grab sale prices (get a 12-pk of Coke when for .99 when you turn in your card & have the coupon) If you participate in SavingStar, don’t turn your card in yet!
  • New weekly ad style and paper texture (still delivered via mailbox on same day as typical)

Some things that didn’t change and will stay put:

  • Shaw’s is still doubling coupons (up to .99)
  • Shaw’s is still offering e-mail store printable coupons
  • Shaw’s still has their same coupon policy at the moment
  • Shaw’s will still participate in SavingStar. (Keep your Shaw’s Reward Card for this, at least for now)

Overall, I liked the new Shaw’s; however, I was a little confused with some of the new signage as I saw signs that said “Everyday Low Price”, “Something Special”, “Something More for Less”, and the regular “Sale” tags. As I said, I was there early, it could have been still in transition, but I was confused with what each sign meant, and what was a weekly sale and what was a price drop.

If you haven’t been to a Shaw’s in awhile, stop in and compare prices. I noticed that some prices were exactly the same, some were lower, and some made me question how much I had paid in the past since they seemed lower but I wasn’t quite sure.

The only HOT HOT HOT item that I noticed at Shaw’s that was not in the flyer was Perdue Chicken Drumsticks and Perdue Chicken Thighs were on Manager Clearance for .49 a pound– wow!

Do you shop at Shaw’s? What do you think of the new changes!?