The Champions for Charity Golf matchup raised quite a bit of money for COVID-19 relief this past weekend.

The golf charity matchup, which raised more than $20 million for coronavirus relief funds, matches up PGA and NFL stars. The Commonwealth’s beloved Tom Brady joined in with other sports superstars during this weekend’s “The Match: Champions for Charity” golf telecast.

Not only did the event bring in money, but according to Turner Sports, it was one of the highest-watched golf telecasts, ever. Turner Sports stated that an average of 5.8 million viewers tuned in to watch.

The match, dubbed “Champions for Charity” featured an A-List four-some group of  Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning, along with Phil Mickelson and the-now Tampa Bay QB, Tom Brady.

The made-for-TV event also exposed some trash talk from Brady, along with a slightly embarrassing pant malfunction. During the afternoon, Brady had split the seat of his pants due to “the torque” of his swing.

Regardless, he was a good sport when congratulating the other team, and sent out a tweet congratulating Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning for their victory, along with Phil Mickelson for coaching him. He ended the tweet with “Now…back to my day job.”