boston close roadways

While we are all still encouraged to stay inside during the current crisis unless for absolute essentials, it seems like Boston will be getting a bit more breathing room. To encourage social distancing while getting some fresh air, several road ways will be closed in order to make room for bikes and pedestrians.

State officials are asking that you only visit areas close to your home, including parks and other areas that remain open. The following roadways will be closed to automotive traffic:

  • William J. Day Boulevard between Farragut Road and Shore Drive in the city of Boston (South Boston)
  • Francis Parkman Drive between Perkins Street and the Arborway in the city of Boston (Jamaica Plain)
  • Greenough Boulevard (Little Greenough) between Arsenal Street and North Beacon Street in Watertown

Measures to decrease parking in crowded areas and parks will also be made in order to promote safe social distancing practices. The DCR also asks that we keep it moving, and don’t linger while participating in recreational activities outside.

As always, we at Boston on Budget hope that you are staying safe and healthy at home! We look forward to getting back to reporting on awesome budget events soon!