boston pops healthcare tribute

More than 80 members of the Boston Pops performed from their homes as a tribute to all first responders and health care workers for how they’ve responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of the popular orchestra band put on a virtual performance of a song called “Summon the Heroes” by John Williams.

Each of the separate performances is spliced together in a complete video that you can watch below. You’ll see musicians recording in different parts of their homes: their backyards, kitchens, bedrooms transform into a recording studio. The orchestra’s recording engineer Nick Squire and video engineer Brandon Cardley, who are working from their homes, edited the audio and video from 86 individually submitted video files to create the musical number.

The song “Summon the Heroes” was originally was composed for the 1996 Summer Olympics. It was meant to celebrate great athletes who devote themselves to their work. However, today we celebrate a different set of heroes.

Boston Pops conductor Keith Lockhart begins the performance by saying: “On behalf of the Boston Pops, John Williams and I would like to dedicate this special performance to all of today’s heroes: the medical community, police, firefighters, grocery workers, delivery people, and so many more. You have all our thanks, our gratitude, and our support.”