Boston Police Officer Offers Kind Act During Coronavirus Crisis

Boston resident Jennifer Velasquez broke down at the register of a local grocery store after her EBT card was repeatedly rejected. Fortunately for her, a hero was not far away. The coronavirus crisis has reeked havoc on the Boston community. Many have or will be losing jobs. Some have or will be losing businesses. Similarly, some are struggling to hold it together.

Officer Ben Peguero remembers spotting a crying Velasquez outside the store. “I enjoy helping people. I get a satisfaction out of it and that’s why I really joined the job”, Peguero was quoted.

After seeing Velasquez distraught, the city cop asked her what had happened. She told the officer her side of the story. As a result, Peguero decided to purchase the groceries for her and her three children. Velasquez’s reaction was priceless. Consequently, Officer Peguero added, “It kind of made everything worth it and reminded me again that this is why I did it, this is why I joined.”

This is coming at a time where Boston cops are cracking down on public gatherings per the order of Mayor Walsh. Because of the nature of Velasquez’s job however, she is considered an essential employee by the state. She works as a security guard which makes the deed of Officer Peguero even greater. The cop’s generosity makes life easier for her three kids while their mom is away at work.

The coronavirus crisis continues to worsen the lives and economy of Boston. Still, acts like this bring hope to individuals and families who are eager to get back to normalcy and push past the virus. We here at Boston at Budget hope you all are keeping safe out there!

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