boston leaf peeping

The crisp autumn air is starting to make its way into New England. With it comes the beautiful, vibrant colors of the fall foliage as the trees turn warm shades of yellow, orange, and scarlet red. Leaf peepers come from all over the country (and sometimes even further!) to enjoy the beauty firsthand.

But where are the best places to enjoy leaf peeping in Boston? And when is the best time to see New England fall foliage? Check out our guide to experiencing New England fall foliage at these top spots.

What is the best time to see fall foliage in Massachusetts?

Planning a visit to Boston to enjoy some leaf peeping and trying to figure out the best time to come? Fall foliage in Boston can be enjoyed from late September through October. Sometimes you can even enjoy it into November, but really late September and October are your best bets to enjoy the beautiful changing leaves.

Where are the best spots for leaf peeping in Boston?

Here are some of our favorite spots to enjoy fall foliage:

  1. Public Garden

    The Public Garden in Boston is a great place to see vibrant fall foliage on the trees from around the world. Many of these trees start to change color early in the season, so it’s a good spot for leaf peeping at the very beginning of fall.

  2. Harvard Yard

    The tree-lined common is another good spot to check out some autumn color. You can even take the Harvard Walking Tour while you’re there to learn all about the school’s rich history while enjoying the changing colors of the leaves.

  3. Beacon Hill

    Head to Boston’s oldest neighborhood to enjoy beautiful leaf colors during the fall. You can walk all through the area going up the hill and see alleys lined with color.

  4. Bay Village 

    The smallest neighborhood of Boston, this hidden gem is only 6 square blocks, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty and history. Tall trees loom over the homes, making it a great place to go for a stroll to enjoy fall colors.

  5. Rose Kennedy Greenway

    Trees and shrubs all along the Rose Kennedy Greenway attract leaf peepers every fall. There are plenty of spots for a great stroll, including through the Chinatown section where there are brilliant pops of autumn color.

  6. Arnold Arboretum

    The Arnold Arboretum has a magnificent collection of trees and is the perfect place to celebrate and engage with autumn landscapes. The arboretum occupies 281 acres and has one of the world’s finest living collections of trees and greenery, making it a spot you don’t want to miss for leaf peeping.

  7. Mount Auburn Cemetery

    Boasting more than 5,000 trees, the cemetery is one of the area’s top places to check out fall foliage just outside of Boston.


What are some of your favorite spots for checking out fall foliage in Boston? Share your tips by commenting below!