footwear donation

Photo credit: South Shore Health

OOFOS, the recovery footwear manufacturer based in Boston, announced that the company donated more than 3,000 pairs of shoes to hospitals all over the country.

According to a news article by the Patriot Ledger, OOFOS donated shoes to more than fifteen hospitals not only in Massachusetts but across America. Recipients include South Shore Hospital, UMass Memorial Medical Center and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, to name a few.

OOFOS started the first phase of the donation back in March, pledging 1,000 pairs of shoes to nurses and medical professionals, and has far exceeded their original pledge.

Darren Brown, the Head of Marketing at OOFOS told ABC’s Good Morning America “We wanted to donate shoes not only to medical professionals in our back yard of Boston but also wanted to open this opportunity up to our field team, allowing them to reach out to their communities and show nurses that they are seen, supported and thanked for all they are doing.”

Senior Director of the South Shore Health Foundation, Jessica Symonds, stated that the staff is grateful and appreciative. “We’ve had a great, wonderful outpouring of support,” Jessica said. “And OOFOS giving them a pair of shoes was an extra-special thing for them to have during their day-to-day.”

OOFOS’ shoes allow users to recover faster and absorbs 37% more body impact than traditional footwear foam materials. The shoes reduce the stress on feet and joints and are perfect for our front-line healthcare workers and are made from materials that enable washing in between usage.

Nurse Discount

Are you a nurse who wasn’t a lucky recipient of a pair of OOFOS shoes? The company has partnered with, which allows you to easily prove you are a nurse online, to provide an exclusive discount to nurses – all that is needed is that you verify your credentials at check-out using the button. Afterward, you’ll receive a unique coupon for your purchase.