boston airport parking

Boston has one of the busiest airports in the U.S. A lot of foreigners come and go as well as locals. But did you know that you can get cheap Boston airport parking by just doing a few things?

What are those things, you ask? Read on, to get Boston airport parking coupons and tips!



Before we give you tips and airport parking coupons, let’s first see the airport parking rates to give you an overview. 

Here are the airport parking rates of the Boston Logan Airport:


Long-term parking

Daily Parking (Central Parking Garage, Terminal B Garage, & Terminal E Lots)

  • 1 day: $38
  • 1 day + 0-6 hours: $57
  • Each additional day: $38

Economy Parking

  • 1 day: $29
  • 1 day + 0-6 hours: $44
  • Each additional day: $29

Short-term parking

Central Parking Garage, Terminal B Garage, & Terminal E Lots 

  • First hour: $8
    • 1 hour – 2 hours: $21
    • 2 hours – 3 hours: $26
    • 3 hours – 4 hours: $30
    • 4 hours – 7 hours: $34
  • Daily Max: $38
    • 1 day & 0-6 hours: $53
    • 1 day & 6-24 hours : $76
    • Additional 0-6 hours: $19


Economy Parking

  • First hour: $8
    • 1 hour – 2 hours: $20
    • 2 hours – 3 hours: $22
    • 3 hours – 4 hours: $25
  • Daily Max: $29
    • 1 day & 0-6 hours: $44
    • 2 days: $58
    •  Additional day 0-6 hours : $15



As you can see, the Boston Logan Airport parking costs anywhere from $8 upwards depending on where and how many days you park.

To save you money, here are some tips to get cheaper Boston Airport parking.

Services to Save You Money

  1. Before you decide to pay for airport parking, why not try cheap hotel + parking deals? allows you to search for just these within seconds! You can choose from a lot of nearby hotels and lots offering cheap airport parking deals that lets you save up to 50% or more off what you’d pay if you just showed up to the lot!
  2. Aside from, there are several websites offering the same solution such as ParkSleepFly and ParkNFly.
  3. Be sure to also check out the Groupon Boston Airport Parking Page to get coupons! They offer rotating deals on airports in Boston to save you money.

Other Resources to Try

  1. Before you consider paying for expensive airport parking, try to find discounts. You can do this by either following your local airport on social media or checking their website. You should see some discounts that most airports are offering that are only available to those who visit them online.
  2. Some off-site parking lots are priced higher depending on their proximity to the airport. Before you decide to use their services, be sure to do a price comparison check on Google for these parking lots. You should then have a proper idea of which places are the perfect for you and your budget. 
  3. If you’re going away for long, it’s actually wiser to just take an Uber or Lyft to the airport. This is assuming that you’re fine with leaving your car at home and don’t want to pay for expensive airport parking of course. You can get a free $5 ride credit if you’re new to Lyft.
  4. Try traveling on airport coaches where they are available. Generally, this is a cheaper option than airport parking. But do try to get there as early as possible.

Know of any other tips for saving on airport parking in Boston? Share them by leaving a comment below.