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Boston, Massachusetts is an amazing place to visit. The amazing seafood from the locals to the great ocean views, Boston is the perfect place for any occasion. Perhaps the best part about Boston is the plethora of things to do and enjoy when on a budget. Your budget can take you to great places such as the sea, your new favorite restaurant or perhaps an adventure of a lifetime. If you’re looking for a great and affordable gifts, Boston has lots to offer in experiences. Here are some ideas for your trip and some great gift ideas for that special someone!

Affordable Experiences

There are hundreds of experiences to have while in Boston that will blow your recipient’s mind. Better yet, these experiences are budget friendly!

Moonlight Canoe Trip

What better way to experience the beautiful scenery of Boston than through a canoe trip? Even better, this romantic trip involves plenty of moonlight and the perfect atmosphere for that special someone. This canoe trip is budget friendly and gives you the best view of the Charles River, which makes for a great and affordable gift idea for couples. There are options for a picnic as well that includes cheese, crackers and a light dessert. This relaxing trip lasts up to 2 to 3 miles and is perfect for the beginner.

Indoor Skydiving

For the adventurer in all of us, there is thrilling indoor skydiving of Boston. Take turns feeling the air underneath you as you jump and take one of the most thrilling rides of your life. Perfect for your budget, experience this gift with no parachute required. You are given all of the gear you need to enjoy this ride safely and securely. This is perfect for groups or for the couple!

Boston Harbor Sunset Cruise

You cannot visit Boston without experiencing the lovely Boston Harbor. This gift experience takes you on a ride through the history and beauty of the Harbor including sites such as the Old North Church and Harbor Islands National Park. This boat ride lasts for 90 minutes and is completely narrated for your enjoyment. Experience the sunset in Boston like you have never seen it before with this romantic sunset cruise. Better yet, enjoy it on a budget!

Learn to Rock Climb

If you’re looking for excitement on a budget, this is the perfect experience for you! Learning to rock climb in Boston is an exciting experience, perfect for all ages. You are able to enjoy a three-hour lesson on rock climbing and the essential information needed to enjoy it. You are also given a full day pass to use on the rocks. This gift is exciting and a one of a kind experience for anyone on your list. It is also budget friendly and gives you a ton of fun for your money.

Walking Tour of Boston

Coming in as one of the most budget friendly options, this walking tour of Boston is great for groups or the couple. You have a choice between four different unique neighborhoods in Boston to explore. This two-hour tour gives you an insider’s look at Boston and its history as a part of this great nation. If you wish, there is still room in your budget to enjoy another tour of another neighborhood as well! Enjoy yourself and experience Boston like you never have before.

Boston Whale Watching

Boston is an amazing place full of amazing wildlife. Enjoy yourself on the sea with this amazing whale watching tour! You and your loved one are able to get up close and personal with one of nature’s most amazing creatures. With over 80 years of experience, the owners of this tour can find the whales for you without much effort. Perfect for the animal lover or the tourist, enjoy this tour on a budget.


All of these gift experiences are perfect for all ages to enjoy. Allow yourself time to enjoy Boston in its entirety and give the gift experience of a lifetime for not much out of your pocket! Visit Boston for a grand adventure.

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This post was a sponsored post written by Cloud 9 Living. Please see my disclosure policy if you have any questions.