hiringAs more and more people stay at home to quarantine and fight the spread of coronavirus, companies are hiring extra workers to help with delivery and pickup services. While many of the jobs are temporary, they may be well-suited for some furloughed workers.

Here’s a quick look at a few companies who are hiring.


#1 Walmart

4 Companies Looking to Hire Big in BostonWalmart is currently looking to fill 150,000 jobs across the US. These jobs are not only for their stores, but are also for clubs, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers. 1,900 of the jobs are local to Massachusetts.


#2 Domino’s Pizza

dominos hiring

It makes sense… people are stuck at home and many ordering out. And what’s more popular to order out for than pizza? As a result, Domino’s Pizza is looking at hiring around 10,000 across the US. 500 of these jobs are for the Greater Boston area alone.


#3 Instacart

instacart hiring

Grocery stores are packed and bare, so more and more people are looking to have their groceries delivered. As a result, Instacart has exploded in popularity. To keep up with the growth and demand, the company looks to hire 300,000 for shopping and delivery over the next three months.


#4 Shipt

4 Companies Looking to Hire Big in Boston

The delivery service owned by Target is also growing rapidly, recruiting thousands of gig workers across the country. This is after recently seeing an app download surge of 124 percent. The company is looking to hire hundreds in the Greater Boston area.