2013 Boston Entertainment Books as low as $10.49 Today!

Okay, you may be familiar with a large green coupon book better known as Entertainment Books! For a little investment, you can grab some hot freebies and discounts at many local attractions, restaurants, retail stores and more!

I received a Boston-based entertainment book last year and I was really excited at first, but then it just sat on my end table for a really long time. I then switched it to my car since there were a lot of great discounts on things that I constantly shopped and ate at, andnow I’m glad that I got it!

Today only, you can grab an Entertainment Book for $19.99 with free shipping, and since today is Cyber Monday 2 at Ebates, they are offering double cash back on many different sites! You can grab 40% Cash Back from Ebates (referral link) in your account after your purchase!

To make the deal even sweeter, you can add another entertainment book (you can buy for two different cties too) for just $15! So $19.99 + $15 = 34.99 after 40% cash back = 20.99 total which is 10.49 each plus free shipping. Or you could just buy one for a buck more and do a whole lot less math. Either way it’s a pretty good deal (especially this early for the 2013 book) and a great gift idea for someone that eats out a lot and/or loves coupons and deals.

If you have any questions about the entertainment book or ebates, let me know in the comments!