ZipRecruiter vs Linkedin


Two of the biggest job networking sites currently available are ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn. Both sites allow employers to connect with potential employees to search for jobs and applicants and more. If you’re planning to hire someone new, it’s likely that you’re on the lookout for the best site to use to make that happen. If that’s the case, this article will offer you the key features of ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn so that you can determine the best option for your hiring needs.

ZipRecruiter Basics

ZipRecruiter offers businesses the convenience of posting a job post once and having it go out to over 100 job sites. If you want a quick and easy job posting solution, ZipRecruiter is one of the best. The site is free for employees, but employers will need to pick a price plan that works for them. You can opt between monthly and annual payments based on whatever is easiest for you. Plans can also be changed if you decide another plan or payment option is more suitable to your needs.

Employers have no limit to the amount of applications they can receive, so if 1,000 people are interested in your job and apply, it won’t cost you anymore money to view each of the applicants. You can also check out the resume feature through the ZipRecruiter dashboard.

Each plan comes with a set number of job postings. As you fill a job and the posting comes down, it is available to be filled again in your account. This ensures that you always have the set number of available postings that your monthly package allows.

Another popular feature of ZipRecruiter is the TrafficBoost feature. This feature allows your postings to be sent through email, which leads to an increase in job applicants. You can also get your job to the top placement spot so that more applicants find you faster!


LinkedIn Basics

LinkedIn is often thought of as a networking platform for professionals. While it’s an excellent platform for networking, LinkedIn offers plenty of features that benefit job seekers and the employers looking to hire them.

As an employer you have two options when it comes to posting jobs and hiring people on LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn Jobs or LinkedIn Recruiter. If you’re a smaller business, LinkedIn Jobs could be a perfect fit. One of the biggest benefits to LinkedIn Jobs is that they will allow you to post jobs for free. If you want to promote your posting, you can pay a fee to increase the number of applicants that find your jobs. Thanks to data matching and other tools, LinkedIn Jobs helps you receive targeted applicants that match your needs.

If you’re a larger business, LinkedIn also offers a Recruiter service. This would be perfect for larger companies that hire multiple people each year. LinkedIn Recruiter is offered in an annual package and comes with an unlimited number of job postings. The main difference between LinkedIn Jobs and Recruiter is that the paid service offers more advanced search features, candidate matches, and more. You can even prioritize applicants based on who you feel will be best for the job! These features help to save you time and money in the long run, as the hiring process becomes easier and more streamlined.


The Difference between ZipRecruiter & LinkedIn

Naturally no two services are identical. Both ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn offer services that suit the needs of their users. Sometimes these features are site specific and others are something you can find at many job sites. So, now that you know more about ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn, let’s look at the unique features that both services offer.


Here are some features that ZipRecruiter & LinkedIn share:

  • Job Management tools
  • Job matching engine
  • Resume search tools
  • Employer specific accounts and features

Here are a few features specific to ZipRecruiter:

  • Application management tools
  • Built-in ATS
  • Access to 100s of job posting sites

LinkedIn comes with these unique features:

  • A job Marketplace
  • Package management options & discounts
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Some package includes unlimited job postings


Bottom Line

Both ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn are excellent services if you’re looking to hire some new employees. From an employer standpoint, these services will look incredibly similar. Both services allow you to post jobs and to be seen by millions of potential employees. The main difference falls on the pricing. ZipRecruiter offers flexible pricing options and the chance to be seen on over 100 job boards for this price. LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to post jobs for free, but your post will be limited to LinkedIn, and you’ll need to pay to increase the exposure to your post.

Job seekers can use as many job posting services as they want because they are free. If you’re posting jobs though, you’re going to want to pick a service that was designed to send your post to as many potential applicants as possible and that offers the tools you need to narrow the applicants until you find the right one for you!

What job sites do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!