virtual happy hour

When the workday is over, nothing feels quite as good as enjoying a refreshing glass of wine with friends at a local Happy Hour. Unfortunately, when the coronavirus pandemic struck, it forced us all to learn the importance of social distancing. While social distancing has the ability to protect our health, it doesn’t do much for our spirits. One of the best ways to boost your spirits is to try and do the things you used to enjoy. Sure, you might not be able to meet up with friends at the bar, but you can still pop the top on a cold Besa mi Vino and have a virtual Happy Hour with those you care about.

Not familiar with virtual Happy Hours? They are easy to put on and sure to be worth the trouble. They will give you a chance to do something you used to do while keeping a safe, comfortable distance. Give it a shot and if you like it, you could create a regular event to stay connected with friends close to home and around the world.

Here are some helpful tips to throwing your first virtual happy hour!


To Zoom or Not to Zoom

Most everyone knows what Zoom is or has used it since the pandemic started. For many, Zoom is going to be the natural choice for any kind of online event. If that works for you, that’s great. If not, you can use whatever works best for you and your friends. Whether you opt for Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts, doesn’t matter. Just make sure that your friends know how to use it and have everything installed before the big day.

It’s also worth offering to friends that aren’t familiar with chat platforms that you’ll meet up with them before Happy Hour so they can get a feel for how things work.


Choose a Time that Works for Everyone

Usually, virtual events are created by getting with the planned participants and choosing a time that works for the most people possible. Start by offering some days and times that work for you. From there, let everyone else weigh in. It won’t take long to see what times are going to work for everyone.


Make your Drink Menu

Before the big day, send out a recipe for your favorite cocktail or some craft beer or wine suggestions. As this is a virtual happy hour, everyone should have something to sip on while enjoying the conversation with friends. Choosing the drinks beforehand gives you time to get any ingredients or to order anything that’s not available locally.

One great recommendation is to have everyone try the same drink. This gives you something to talk about while experiencing something new together. Besa mi Vino, for example, is an excellent California organic canned wine. Friends could pick between White and Rose. The wine is delicious, reasonably priced, and a 4-pack is the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine. You could even have someone in charge of drinks for each happy hour so that you’re constantly getting new drink suggestions for each new happy hour you plan.

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What to Say: Conversation Topics

One of the most important things to do is to jot down some conversation starters. This might not seem important, but you’d be surprised how helpful it will be for a virtual meeting. Some people won’t be as comfortable in the virtual environment. If that’s the case, having a set of topics to talk about will help everyone loosen up and keep things moving in the right direction. You can start by having everyone introduce themselves and offer a fun fact that most people won’t know about. You could go on to discuss books you’re reading, your favorite movies, or even current events. Whatever you’d talk about with your friends is acceptable, it just helps to have some ideas so that things are more natural for everyone.


Up Next: Planning the Next Happy Hour

If you’re planning to throw another happy hour, consider having one of your friends host the next one. This will allow you to continue the fun and give everyone a chance to host their own event while sharing some of the planning in the process. Make sure to let everyone know about the next event at the end of the first one, so the planning can begin. You’ll have the next happy hour planned in no time and everyone will be thrilled to keep the new tradition of your virtual happy hours going!

Hopefully, this shows you just how easy it is to host your own Happy Hour from home. Make sure to send out your invites, order your Besa mi Vino, and sit back and relax your friends during your very own Happy Hour!