nuvola_apps_3_cookieLast week was my son Patrick’s third birthday. On that day, I decided to take him for a haircut. As we were leaving and paying the cashier, I noticed a notepad on the register inviting customers to join their birthday club. It seemed that when members’ special days drew near, they would receive a certificate for a free haircut.

D’oh! I mentally slapped myself in the head for not signing Patrick up on one of our previous visits. With that in mind, I set out to compile a list of the best kids’ birthday clubs out there. Here’s the cream of the crop:

SportClips. (Can you guess where we went for our haircut?) It’s not available online, but each store location has a form you can fill out for a free cut around your birthday. No word on if the coupon comes by mail or e-mail; they ask for both when you sign up. At my store, they didn’t mind me signing up both my husband and my son at the same time, but ask first to make sure. (Adults are included too.)

Sonic Drive-In. We love this place. Follow this link to their kids’ section and sign your child up for the Birthday Club; they’ll get a free Wacky Pack kids meal when their next birthday rolls around. They’ll also get a certificate for half off a Wacky Pack on their half-birthday. (12 years and younger only.)

Marble Slab Creamery and Cold Stone Creamery. What’s better than free ice cream? Go here and here to sign your kid up for free cones. (Adults can join the Cold Stone club as well.)

The Children’s Place. OK, this one is really for parents, as kids don’t get too excited about clothes! But birthday club members get $10 off coupons to use during the month of their kids’ birthdays, as well as the parent’s birthday. Click here to join.

Burger King. Join Club BK and you’ll get “cool birthday surprises.” No word on what those surprises are, but I’m betting there’s free food involved! Joining also gets you access to the games on their website.

Quizno’s. This sandwich shop’s QClub gives members a free cookie on their birthday, and when you join, you’ll get a free sandwich with purchase of a side and drink. (Adults can join too!)

Toys R Us. Visit and sign up all your kids at once. They’ll get a coupon for a discount at the store, and a phone call from the store’s mascot, Geoffrey (if you wish).

Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme’s Texas stores offer a Kids Birthday Club, which gets them a free doughnut on their birthday. You must download a form here and turn it in to your local Krispy Kreme store. The national site also has a birthday club for all ages; link here.

Target. Fill in your kids’ info here and they’ll get a Birthday Mailer with party planning tips – plus a coupon for money off their next Target purchase. Great way to save on party supplies.

California Pizza Kitchen. Kids love pizza, and the restaurant’s CPKids program entitles them to a free meal during the month of their birthday. (Ages 10 and under.)