traders village rides reopen

Traders Village might be considered a flea market, but anyone that has ever been there knows that it’s so much more. You’ll be able to enjoy loads of different vendors, shop for great deals, but there are also a number of attractions making it a popular destination for the entire family. Both kids and adults have been known to enjoy the variety of amusement park rides that are available. While COVID-19 caused the closure of most venues, including Traders Village, things are reopening and that includes the rides at Traders Village.

This weekend, the rides at Traders Village Grand Prairie are finally set to reopen. On Saturday, the entire family can join in on the fun and experience a variety of rides. Best of all, this is happening on Father’s Day weekend! To celebrate the reopening of rides you can get a wristband for unlimited daily rides for just $13.99!

Traders Village has plenty of rides ranging from timid to full out adventure. There are rides for all ages and all levels of thrill-seekers.

Here is what Traders Village Grand Prairie has to offer when it comes to rides:

Village Vortex: A looping roller coaster that races around a track, stopping while the passengers are upside down, and then reversing for even more fun!

YoYo: Riders are dangling in swings when the ride propels them around. There’s some tilting, some swinging, and lots of free-falling excitement!

Wipeout: This exciting ride offer plenty of spinning as you fly tilted through the air.

Fleafall: Fleafall is a drop ride that offers plenty of big thrills. You sit in the round gondola and are lifted 128 feet in the air before dropping back down.

Pharoah’s Fury: This ride resembles a boat with a masthead of King Tut. The ride swings back and forth. That might not seem exciting, but the arc soars as high as five stories, so it’s more exciting than you might think.

Bouncer: This fun ride lifts riders to the top of a tower and then bounces them up and down.

Star Dancer: This ride is a combination carousel and gondola wheel. The tower rotates as it climbs to the top. Once at the top, you can enjoy a beautiful, clear view of Traders Village.

Scrambler: The Scrambler is a classic amusement park ride that’s great for kids of most ages. Carts that are spinning around give the exciting illusion that they will crash into neighboring carts.

Freddy’s Fender Bender: Who doesn’t love bumper cars? This ride offers 14 bumper cars that spin, turn, and go backward and forward.

Carousel: This carousel is filled with old-world charm. It’s hand-painted and offers a variety of wildlife figures and horses.

Helicopter: Each helicopter fits two people and travels 15 feet in the air and spins around.

Trackless Family Train: This train is sure to be a favorite for kids of all ages. Up to 24 kids can be accommodated as they travel around Traders Village.

The Rumpus Room: This interactive playground offers the room to play all kinds of fun games. There’s much to do here, so there’s a new experience available each time you visit. Everything from tag to chase can be enjoyed in the Rumpus Room.

Don’t forget, you’ll be able to enjoy all of these rides all day long with a wristband that you can get for just $13.99. You’ll be able to have fun all day long and it won’t cost you much at all!

Traders Village has implemented a number of additional health and safety guidelines to ensure that visitors can enjoy a good day as safely as possible. Traders Village is operating at limited capacity and is encouraging visitors to wear face masks if possible.


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