traders village posadas

This holiday season, Traders Village in Grand Prairie is hosting a special Posadas at Traders Village event.

Held this weekend, the event — which features dozens of tasty Mexican treats, like tamales, atole, and bunuelos — is completely free to attend (parking is $4). Traders Village is located at 2602 Mayfield Road in Grand Prairie.

So, what exactly is a Posadas? Las Posadas is a religious festival celebrated in Mexico and the United States. The special event commemorates the journey that Joseph and Mary made from Nazareth so that Mary could give birth to Jesus. As we know, the young couple was forced to sleep in a stable where the Christ Child was ultimately born.

Typically during these ceremonies, a small child is dressed as an angel and leads a procession (of mostly children) through the streets of town. In this case — through Traders Village.

The procession, like Mary and Joseph, are refused lodging, but then hosted with refreshments. At each stop, scripture is read and Christmas Carols are sung.

Piñantas used at the event — and there will be some at Traders Village! — are usually made as a star and filled with candy for the children.

In addition to the festivities, Santa Claus will be on hand for photos for only a small donation to the Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce.

And then thousands of vendors will be on hand to help you with your last-minute Christmas shopping.

For more information on the Posadas and Traders Village, go here, or call 972-647-2331.


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