stimulus money

It’s been reported that millions of Americans around the United States have received their stimulus payments with ease. But there are still millions more that have yet to receive payment. While most of us haven’t had any trouble, it was estimated that 140 million households qualify for a stimulus check, so why haven’t they received it? Well, there are numerous reasons why and below are a list of top reasons why you haven’t received your stimulus check.

You make too much money

The Federal CARES Act says adults you who qualify will receive up to $1,200 in their stimulus check and an additional $500 for every qualifying dependent child they have. While this is true, it’s not true for everyone. For example, anyone who makes over $99,000 and field a tax return as a single will not receive payment because payment goes down by $5 for every $100 you make over $75,000. This means if you field as a married couple then your stimulus check that should have been $2,400 will be $0 as well if your federal tax return stated you make over $198,000.

The calculations are based upon the adjusted gross income you reported on your 2019 tax return. If you didn’t file a tax return yet you still have until July 15 to do so. Although, your 2018 might be used to calculate your stimulus check. Many can still receive payment for their dependent children. For example, if you’re a family of four and you filed jointly, and your adjusted gross income is below $218,000 then you should still be eligible.

You didn’t receive a federal tax refund in recent years

For those who didn’t file their taxes in the past two years and didn’t receive a tax return then the IRS may not have your direct deposit information. If you didn’t file in 2018 or 2019 then you can still receive payment by adding your bank information on the IRS website here. If you opt out of this then you may still receive payment by mail.

Your 2019 tax return was filed on paper

One reason you haven’t received your stimulus check is that the IRS has your street address on file, but they don’t have your direct deposit. If this is the case, then they will issue you a paper check through the mail. The first payments sent out were done at the end of April to people who earn less than $10,000 a year. The weeks that follow go up by $10,000 more so if you earn more than that then this might be why your payment is delayed. You should expect your check in the next several weeks.

Your check was sent to an old bank account you no longer use

If you didn’t file for a 2019 tax return and you didn’t receive a refund then the IRS will use the bank information on the 2018 taxes. So, if you switched bank accounts or banks then the IRS probably has the wrong bank account information. This means the bank will reject payment and the IRS will issue you a paper check by mail using the mailing address on file on the 2018 taxes.

You receive SSI, RR or VA benefits

If you’re receiving support from Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Railroad Retirement or VA benefits, expect your payment around the beginning of May. This is due to several reports that folks receiving these benefits were not getting payment.

You didn’t file a tax return

Didn’t file a tax return this year or last year or ever? You can still register for a stimulus check through the IRS website or by using TurboTax’s free tool.


How to See When Your Check Will Arrive

You have the ability to track the status of your check and it’s actually pretty easy. You can do so by using this free tool by the IRS on their website. After a 15 day period they will issue a notification by mail to check on your payment and this will include a phone number to reach them at if you still didn’t receive your check.