cvsI know it’s only July, but back-to-school time will be here before you know it – so stay ahead of the curve by going to CVS this week and taking advantage of their free-after-Extrabucks school supply deals.

For those who have never done CVS shopping, here’s how it works: When you buy certain items at CVS and use your frequent-shopper card (your ExtraCare card), you will get ExtraBucks, which are little slips of paper that print on your receipt good towards your next purchase. They work just like cash, and the only thing you can’t spend them on is cigarettes and gift cards (I think those are the only limitations). You can get an ExtraCare card free at the register on the spot.

There are several items on sale this week that are free after Extrabucks. These are only good through Tuesday, July 14:

Caliber or CVS Brand 1 subject notebooks: 99 cents, get a 99 cent Extrabuck (you can buy 2 of these)
Paper Mate 8 ct pens, 99 cents, get a 99 cent Extrabuck (you can buy 3 of these)
Caliber or It’s Academic scissors, 2.99, get a 2.99 Extrabuck (you can buy 2 of these)
Caliber or CVS brand school glue 99 cents, get a 99 cent Extrabuck (limit 2)
Caliber or CVS 12 inch wood or plastic ruler, 99 cents, get a 99 cent Extrabuck (limit 2)

I went at 11 a.m. Sunday and they were already sold out of the notebooks and glue. If this happens when you get to your store, ask the cashier for a raincheck so you can get them later and get your Extrabucks.

There’s also another super-hot Extrabucks deal going on all this week: The 6×8 10-page photo books that you make in the store (at the little Kodak kiosks) are 7.99, with a 7.99 Extrabuck in return. Which means – they’re FREE! The ad says limit 1, but the good CVS shoppers on have confirmed that the “real” limit is actually 5 per ExtraCare card. You can make these by bringing a CD or camera card with photos on them and using it in the machine. I was plugging away on mine when the computer broke (argh) so I asked for a raincheck. I’ll go next week after the sale is over.

One more deal: The Gillette Fusion men’s refillable razors are $7.99, with a $4 Extrabuck in return. Normally this would mean a razor for $3.99, but there is also a coupon out there for $4 off any Fusion razor! It was in the P&G BrandSaver insert from June 6. Use this and you get a FREE razor! Great deal.

Photo courtesy of strangelv via a Creative Commons license.