Starbucks Treat Receipt Returns July 18Good news for all you Starbucks-a-holics – the Treat Receipt returns to most U.S. Starbucks locations (including DFW locations) tomorrow, July 18 through Sept. 5. Never used the Treat Receipt? Here’s how it works – purchase any handcrafted beverage in the morning and bring your receipt back after 2 p.m. to enjoy a Grande cold beverage for just $2. Handcrafted beverages include lattes, Frappuccinos and the like (i.e., brewed coffee doesn’t count). See the menu of Starbucks drinks here.

I confess that I have used the Treat Receipt exactly once in my lifetime. I either can’t get there in the morning or I’m too busy in the afternoon. And to top it off, I usually order brewed coffee, which doesn’t count for the treat. If you work in an office and can’t use your Treat Receipt on a particular day, consider passing it on to a coworker. (They don’t check for names on the receipt or anything like that.)

To get more bang for your buck on Starbucks drinks, join My Starbucks Rewards. For each drink you buy with your registered gift card (including brewed coffee, which is $1.50 for a tall) you’ll receive a star. As a member, you’ll get a coupon for a free birthday drink, free syrup and soy milk options, free refills on coffee, and more. Once you accumulate 30 stars, you’ll become Gold Level and get a personalized gift card with your name on it. Gold members get a free drink for every 15 drinks they buy. Guess who’s Gold Level? Yeah, me. I can’t decide whether that’s a good or bad thing.

Thanks to Miami on the Cheap for the heads up!