Save Hundreds This Year with One Simple Change to Your Energy Bill

It’s hot in Texas right now! Temperatures are rising and when that happens most people crank up their air conditioning. While that is sure to bring your temperature down, it also raises your electricity bills. As anyone in Texas knows, the summer heat means a higher and sometimes outrageous electricity bill.

One thing that you may not know is that if you’re like 96% of Texans, you’re overpaying for that bill. In fact, you’re overpaying the entire year long. Luckily, there’s one simple change that you can make that will equal instant and regular savings throughout the year.

Many Real Simple Energy customers save over $50 per month. That’s over $600 a year in savings. Real Simple Energy does this by finding customers the cheapest electricity plans available that match their energy usage.

If you’re like most people, you could use another $50 in your pocket each month. You can take that money and save it, take your kids to dinner, or put it towards a much-needed vacation. Whatever you do, you deserve to keep that money!

The actual savings amount will change slightly depending on the month, but the average for the year equals about a $50 savings every month. However, in summer months you will notice that the savings are huge. Many people report saving as much as $100 per month. It’s not uncommon for a Real Simple Energy customer to save between $300-$500 just over the summer!

It’s not a big surprise that Real Simple Energy reports that their customers tend to save 36% on energy compared to the average Texan.

Still, switching energy plans can be scary and confusing. You know what you’re paying right now and until you get your first bill you won’t know if the claims for any other energy providers are true.

If you’re worried about taking the plunge, consider what some actual Real Simple Energy customers have to say about this service.

“I was tired of having to find a new energy provider every few months to get the lowest price. I heard about Real Simple Energy and decided to check it out at Three minutes and only a few questions later, I had a quote for power. The electricity agent finds the best price on the market and only charges a small fee for bill administration, but even with that, I’m saving a lot of money. They offered a way to see exactly how much I would save, which was very helpful in making my decision. The great part is I don’t have to ever talk to the energy provider, I get one bill, and I don’t have to worry about signing up for another contract – they automatically switch you to the lowest priced contract upon renewal. Thank you, Real Simple Energy!” – Johnston

“Very painless signup process, and takes all the hassle out of optimizing your electricity costs. Easily pays for itself.” – Robert

“Wonderful company to work with. Signing up was fast and easy and the team found me an excellent plan that I could have never found on any of the well known websites listing various plans. Trent responded immediately to any questions I had EVEN ON WEEKENDS! All the hassles of dealing with power companies eliminated as they do all the work for a very reasonable monthly fee. I will not spend another minute again trying to sort through retail electricity plans.” – Vicki

“I had several electric companies in the past 4 years looking for one that made it easy and reasonable. Real Simple came recommended. I answered a few questions about my usage when signing up. It didn’t take more than 10-15 minutes. Since then about 4-6 months it has been nothing but what the name implies. Affordable pricing with no mess no fuss. Thank you Real Simple Energy” – Christopher

Hundreds of 5-star reviews and thousands of satisfied customers will tell you that Real Simple Energy is worth the seconds that it takes to sign up. Even if you’re still not sure, it’s worth checking out for the free quote.

You can visit Real Simple Energy and in less than 60 seconds they can give you a quote for your energy prices. If you’re not impressed, don’t sign up. Of course, if you’re like the 96% of Texans that are overpaying on your electricity bill, you might find that Real Simple Energy is worth it!

Are you a Real Simple Energy customer? Let us know what you think of your service in the comments.


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