Restaurant Dining Certificates: $25 in Food for $3
Through Jan. 9, Restaurant.comRestaurant Dining Certificates: $25 in Food for $3 is offering customers a 70 percent discount on its dining certificatesRestaurant Dining Certificates: $25 in Food for $3. Just use the promo code PLATE at checkout. Most $25 certificates are $10 at full-price, but with this discount, you can get them for just $3 apiece.

Many Fort Worth-area restaurants participate in the dining-certificate program, including Times Ten Cellars, Los Vaqueros, Salsa Fuego and Tokyo Steakhouse. The 70 percent off sales are usually a good deal, because you have a greater selection of restaurants than you do when the discounts are higher. So if you’ve been looking for a particular certificate and it’s been sold out, check back now – it may be in stock again.

Click here to see all the offerings and to buyRestaurant Dining Certificates: $25 in Food for $3. Remember, this is only good till Jan. 9!