Redbox Movie Rentals for 33 Cents EachSorry folks! I’ve had some Internet troubles and so I’ve been unable to post for the last half day or so. But I wanted to tell you about this awesome deal from Groupon: Three Redbox movie rentals for just $1Redbox Movie Rentals for 33 Cents Each. Redbox movies are normally $1 each – so they’re already cheap – but this makes them even cheaper! To redeem this Groupon, customers will simply input their Groupon rental code using the Redbox touch screen. You will have to swipe your credit or debit card, so they can charge you your late fee if you return them late (you have till 9 p.m. the next day to turn it in for no additional charge).

This isn’t valid for Blu-Ray DVDs or video games.

Stay tuned – I’ll be posting a Dec. 10 Daily Deal Roundup this afternoon!