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While our daily routines might have changed in recent months, one thing that hasn’t changed is our mission to provide readers with the best possible resources to live their lives to the fullest at a discount. With that in mind, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with Real Simple Energy. This partnership will allow us to continue bringing you content each day that can help you save money while experiencing life on your terms.

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this partnership. For starters, here at DFWonBudget, we’ll have the support we need to add as much daily content as possible for you, our readers. Despite the new partnership and all of the added content, everything will remain absolutely free for you.

This also brings attention to Real Simple Energy, a company that offers services that can help families in Dallas save big money on their electric bills.


About Our Partner

Real Simple Energy launched in 2018. Since its inception, the service has offered an independent and unbiased solution to electricity shopping.

Reports have shown that nearly 96% of Texans overpay for electricity without even releasing they are being ripped off. The average Texan can save more than $500 each year by using Real Simple Energy’s service.

Real Simple Energy customers are able to sit back and enjoy their savings without having to find the right plan on the market. That’s because Real Simple Energy finds its customers the best electricity plan that will save them the most money.

Customers of Real Simple Energy can take advantage of two services: Fixed Rate and Fixed Bill.

Fixed Rate is often the best for average or larger homes. This service makes sure that customers always have access to the cheapest plan for them. This occurs by matching the electric usage of each home to the available electricity plans.

Fixed Bill will work best for condo owners, apartments, and families that use minimal amounts of electricity. This service allows you to lock into a fixed monthly price for 6 months, regardless of how much electricity you are using. This means the same bill for six months. You can even earn a cash credit during your renewal, if your electric use was less than projected. This service offers a customized subscription for your home energy costs. It’s also the first time that a third-party energy agent has ever offered this particular service.

No matter which service you choose, you will always receive Real Simple Energy’s consolidated bill management service that ensures bill accuracy. Customers will also be able to use Real Simple Energy’s automated renewal process to ensure that they always have the best energy plan to save them the most money.

You can learn more about all of the individual services at


Look Out for More Excellent Content on Ways to Save Money

As our partnership grows, you can expect even more great content and tips on saving money while you’re on a budget.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with content that allows you to enjoy your life without over-spending.