fwfoodieI’m swamped with work this week and just now sat down to read the summer issue of Fort Worth Foodie that I picked up at Central Market last week. I was very impressed. It’s a free magazine with lots of cool stuff about Fort Worth’s food scene. This time, they’ve got a great story about deciphering the wine list, a compilation of the best “hole in the wall” restaurants in town, and profiles of some local artisan foodcrafters. And that’s just to name a few things.

But here’s what really appealed to my cheapskate senses: Page 11 has a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase at Whole Foods in Arlington! I don’t get to Whole Foods much due to its location and, well, the fact that I try to keep my grocery bill as small as possible. But if you’re a WF shopper, this could be a great deal for you. To get the maximum value from your coupon, combine it with some of the sale items found here.

To find out more about Fort Worth Foodie, you can check them out at www.fwfoodie.com.