wyndham garden hotelAmidst the pandemic, one local North Dallas hotel is taking a stand against the spread of the Covid-19 virus by offering first responders lodging at no cost. The hotel is set to prove that the Dallas community is capable of coming together and providing for those that provide for us.

Without a doubt, these recent times in America have put the nation to the test on whether or not our infrastructure can withstand a pandemic. All businesses have been impacted one way or another and the hotel industry has been hit particularly hard.

But Wyndham Garden North Dallas is stepping up and giving first responders the opportunity to take advantage of the hotel’s current loss. Wyndham Garden has seen a dramatic drop in room bookings from an average 70% down to 10% since the coronavirus hit North Texas.

The 350-room hotel located off LBJ hotel had to lay off half its staff, a total of 50 employees.

Although the hotel is currently in a downturn, owner John Blomfield’s philosophy is to put his hotel to good use for the community. According to General Manager Zachery Warren, “We’re just not seeing any other business right now so why not help.”

The hotel is offering free rooms to doctors, nurses, hospital workers with credentials, as well as firefighters, paramedics, and police officers who may have concerns of contracting the virus. They are offered a place to stay so they do not potentially bring the virus home after long hours of exposure. Additionally, the free room includes food options at discounted rates.

Right now there is room for up to 150 first responders, but management is flexible with increasing that number.

Employees are provided masks and hand sanitizers to keep on their carts in efforts to keep up with the CDC guidelines. However, there are no official mandates for hotel worker safety provided by the federal government at the moment.

All of the housekeeping staff are not cleaning the rooms or offering room service to first responders rooms until after three days of the room being unoccupied since experts say Covid-19 does not survive on after that.

Also, all first responders are being kept separate from paying customers to limit exposure to all staff and guests.

This act of kindness has inspired others to participate in any way they can. This includes an out of business florist who donated flowers to first responders that checked-in. A family from Flower Mound had 50 pizzas delivered to the hotel.

As reported by NBCDFW from Warren, “Let’s help out these first responders who are on the front lines trying to save us, trying to save the economy, and trying to get this epidemic over with.”

While news continues to develop on Covid-19, continue to check back with DFWOTC for what you can do at home, or hopefully in the near future out of the house.