Village Vortex at Prairie Playland Traders Village in Dallas

Theme Parks in Dallas – Village Vortex at Prairie Playland, Traders Village in Grand Prairie

Fans of thrilling rides and amusement parks in Dallas are in for major fun and surprises at Traders Village Prairie Playland — the best amusement park for kids and kids at heart!

Get ready to enjoy extreme rides, family-friendly rides, and of course, some chill rides for our kiddies, too. Prairie Playland offers an unlimited, one-day ride pass for just $13.99! That’s 14 rides for just under $14 dollars. Try beating that deal!

The best part is that they have extended summer hours with Prairie Playland open Thursday and Friday (6 pm to 10 pm) in addition to Saturday and Sunday (11 am to 8 pm) !!! Check out all the details at Prairie Playland and make plans TODAY!

Theme Parks in Dallas – Thrill Rides at Traders Village Prairie Playland

Prairie Screamer – the Perfect Roller Coaster! 

Amusement Park Dallas | Prairie Screamer | Image Credit: Prairie Playground Website

This 90-feet tall and 67-feet wide ride that goes for as long as 277-feet, is the perfect roller coaster ride to hop on with your family and friends. Just get ready to scream your lungs out as your body is transported at the speed of 50mph, throughout the 2,750 feet-long track, for a minute and 50 seconds.

There are two trains that fit up to 10 riders. Just remember that there is a height requirement of 48 inches to ride.


Amusement Park Dallas | YOYO | Image Credit: Prairie Playground Website

Hang like a yoyo in full speed as this ride propels you in circles! When in full speed, riders can stretch out as far as 73 feet in diameters from the center. This is the perfect ride to literally feel the wind in your face, and just experience moments of bliss.

Height requirement is 42 inches to ride.

Village Vortex

Village Vortex at Prairie Playland Traders Village in DallasThis giant circular coaster ride takes you in a 360º spin at such a thrilling speed that you’d forget your ABC’s and just keep on screaming your heart out. And, as if that’s not enough adventure, this ride will suddenly stop for a few seconds from a height of seven stories above ground — while you are upside down. 

Height requirement is 48 inches to ride.

Also Check Out – Games at Prairie Playland

Ring Toss at Traders Village Grand Prairie

Did you know that Prairie Playland also has a great variety of games that the entire family can enjoy? What’s more, you can compete to win some cool prizes!

Theme Parks in Dallas – Thrill Rides at Traders Village Prairie Playland – Continued


Amusement Park Dallas | WipeOut | Image Credit: Prairie Playground Website

Do you want to experience or be reminded of how it feels like to ride big waves in the sea? Then strap yourself in the WipeOut ride as it spins and tilts you in all possible directions.

Height requirement is 42 inches to ride.

Pharaoh’s Fury

Pharaohs Fury | Image Credit: Prairie Playground Website

Let King Tut’s fury take you on a gripping ride as it sweeps you back and forth like a pendulum. This ride with an Egyptian Pharaoh’s masthead can rise to as high as five stories – and while we would like to say you could get a sight of the sceneries in the area, we doubt you’d have the time when you are probably busy screaming your heart out during this entire, hair-raising but fun, ride.

Height requirement is 48 inches to ride.


Bouncer at Prairie Playland Dallas

This ride is a whole new level of thrill as it lifts its riders to the top of a 28-foot high tower. The riders then free-fall, only to be lifted up and dropped again and again. A truly fun ride for all ages to try!


Scrambler at Prairie Playland

If you’re wondering how many spins it takes for you to feel dizzy, then this ride is for you! Suspended riders spinning in carriages experience the illusion that they will crash into other carriages while spinning almost endlessly.

Minimum height requirement is 36 inches and preferably with a chaperone at least 48 inches tall


carousel at prairie playland

Carousels are a staple in any amusement park and at Prairie Playland, this beautiful American Carousel majestically stands out with its shining horses. This magnificent 28-foot carousel is hand-painted and expertly made with old-world craftsmanship. This unique Carousel ride will be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Freddy’s Fender Bender

Freddy's Fender Bender

Freddy Flea’s fourteen bumper cars feature dual joy-stick controls to spin 360 degrees, turn left or right, go forward or backward. Always fun to bump your buddy.

Check out Why Prairie Playland is among the Best Amusement Parks in Dallas

Prairie Playland Rides Pass

Prairie Playland offers the perfect mix of thrilling rides, affordable rides passes and plenty of other ways to have fun for the entire family! That’s why is it the Perfect Amusement Park!

Theme Parks in Dallas – Thrill Rides at Traders Village Prairie Playland – Continued

Star Dancer


Star Dancer at Prairie Playland Traders Village in Dallas

The family-friendly amusement Star Dancer combines a carousel with a gondola wheel. The carousel starts to rotate as it ascends the 80-foot tower, and it keeps rotating as it ascends the tower until it reaches the top. Passengers receive a clear, panoramic view of the market and the metroplex when at the top.



Fun for kids of all ages, each 2-person helicopter travels 15 feet in the air and rotates round and round. It’s the perfect ride for your little ones!

Trackless Family Train

Trackless family train at prairie playland dallas

Children of all ages will be amazed by the “Dream” train. You can ride this trackless train around Traders Village and it can accommodate up to 24 kids. The Red Expo neighborhood serves as the train station for this ride.

Minimum height requirement is 36 inches, and must be accompanies by an adult or guardian.

The Rumpus Room

The Rumpus Room Playground

Kids and kids at heart love a great playground, so stop by Traders Village and take advantage of the Rumpus Room. Because The Rumpus Room has plenty of interactive activities, each visit is always a new experience! Kids can play tag and plenty of other games, making it the perfect place for some family fun.

The FleaFall

Fleafall ride at Prairie Playland Traders Village in DallasGet ready to experience thrill and joy wrapped through your inevitable screams once The Fleafall drops you from a height of 128 feet, at the high-speed of 45 mph. The slow speed towards the top as it prepares to send you in a frenzy fall, only makes this ride all the more exciting.

Height requirement is 48 inches to ride.

About Traders Village, Grand Prairie

Traders Village in Grand Prairie is your 160-acre destination for Family Events, Live Music, and Food Festivals throughout the year. Besides the great shopping, there is always something fun happening at the market.

Traders Village is located on Mayfield Road in Grand Prairie, right off Highway 360. Parking is $5 per car and admission is free. All-day ride passes are $13.99, and all activities, including concerts, are free once inside!!!

Fun events are planned year-round. Cajun Fest, Cumbia Concert, Kids Fest, Tejano Fest, Cinco de Mayo and so much more! Check out current and upcoming events at Traders Village.

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