first day hike

Is your resolution to be healthier? Spend more time outdoors? Kick-off 2021 right with a First Day Hike at Texas State Park.

Taking place on New Year’s Day, the event encourages you to run, walk, bike, or paddle at more than 89 Texas State Parks. According to Texas State Parks, last year approximately 85,000 people participated and collectively hiked over 176,366 miles throughout the country.

The beauty of Texas State Parks is that each trail varies in length and difficulty – you select the hike that’s right for you. The State Park website has a list of great options. If you decide to plan a trip to a Texas State Park, do note that Parks are operating at a limited capacity and it’s encouraged to reserve a day pass in advance.

Before heading out on your hike, be sure to practice responsible recreation and follow all posted rules. These include wearing a mask when inside buildings and social distancing at least 6 feet from others. While these are general guidelines, local and statewide restrictions may apply – check on social media or give the park a call directly in order to determine any restrictions.

Start the new year feeling fresh and accomplished with a hike for you and your family!