iPhone 4 for $25 at Radio ShackIf you’re a current iPhone 3G or 3GS user looking to upgrade, go to Radio Shack before Dec. 11. They’re slashing their iPhone prices by 50 percent and offering up to $125 in trade-in credits for older iPhones. As part of Radio Shack’s Trade & Save program, people with functional 3GS phones will get the full $125 in trade-in credit, while 3G users get $75. As long as the phone works and the screen isn’t cracked, you should be able to get these trade-in amounts.

In the end, if you trade in a 3G, you’ll pay $75, and you’ll pay just $25 if you trade a 3GS.

However, you must be eligible for an upgrade to get this deal; current AT&T customers can check Radio Shack’s Eligibility Checker to find out.

But remember, this deal is only good until Dec. 11. Find your nearest Radio Shack here.

For what it’s worth, I have the iPhone 4 and love it. The battery life is longer than it was on my 3GS, and the camera is better too.