id tech summer camp

It goes without saying, but the world is changing. The digital revolution has changed so many aspects of our lives that it’s still impossible to tell what the future our children face will look like. One thing is certain, though: the economy of the future will center around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Computers, digital networks, robotics, and AI all depend on humans to build, program, and maintain them, hence why STEM skills are in such high demand these days. If you want your child to get a leg up on the serious STEM education she needs for future success, there’s no better way than enrolling them in an iD Tech summer camp.

At iD Tech summer camps, kids between 7 and 19 years old can learn valuable STEM skills while participating in self-guided projects that show them their true potential. At these camps, kids can choose from a variety of cutting edge programs including artificial intelligence systems, 3D printing, computer programming, software design, and even video game creation.

Class sizes are kept small with each instructor having only 5 to 10 campers in each program to ensure that all campers get the attention and guidance they need. By the end of camp, campers will have created their own video game, Minecraft mod, 3D virtual world, robot, or other projects. There are both overnight and day camp sessions available.

iD Tech is the world leader in summer STEM education, with 400,000 alumni since 1999 at150 prestigious campus locations. Here in DFW, iD Tech camps are held at SMU, The University of Texas at Dallas, Westlake Academy, and TCU.

Don’t let summer go to waste. Kids only have a few short years to learn the skills they’ll depend on for their whole lives. Let this summer be an opportunity for your child to learn the STEM skills they need for success.

Save $75 on registration when you download their online brochure!

For more information visit iD Tech’s official website or Facebook page.


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