crocsDo you like Crocs – those rubbery, holey shoes that seem to be on everyone’s feet lately? I don’t personally wear them, but my kids do. I like that they can slip them on and off by themselves. And right now, is having a great buy one, get one free sale on select styles! Plus, they’re offering FREE shipping on your purchase to sweeten the deal.

I have bought from before, and I can say that their customer service is awesome. I had to send back both pairs once because they didn’t fit well – apparently, there is a lot of variation in how the shoes fit; some batches of a certain size can be larger or smaller than other batches of the same size. Anyhow, they gave me a prepaid shipping label and refunded my money in full. And since I used a free shipping code, I wasn’t even out the initial shipping cost.

What have you got to lose? Check out the BOGO sale and see what you can find for cheap.