curveslogoYou’ve heard of Curves, the “mini-gyms” for women that seem to be in almost every town these days – they provide a quick cardio and strength workout in just 30 minutes! Now, in honor of National Women’s Health and Fitness Day on Sept. 30, Curves is offering its 30-Day Diet Plan weight management classes absolutely FREE. No membership to Curves is required to attend these classes. Classes for the 30-Day Diet Plan program include:

1.      Start-Up Class (90 minutes) and progression to Phase 2 for first-time participants.
2.      Phase 3 Class (30 minutes) to teach the most important stage of the Curves Weight Management Plan and special techniques for ongoing weight maintenance.
3.      Special Topics Classes (30 minutes) to cover a different health-related topic each month, including Smart Grocery Shopping, Choosing the Right Carbohydrates, Eating Out, Emotional Eating and more.
According to the Curves website, “Participants are encouraged to make a weekly appointment to weigh in with their weight management coaches, who provide ongoing support and accountability.” Sounds a lot like Weight Watchers.
To find a class in your area and sign up, click here.