Free Smoothie from Keva Smoothie Co.Have you heard of Keva Smoothie Company? It’s a smoothie shop located off I-35W and Western Center Blvd. in Fort Worth. They have some awesome-looking smoothies: take, for example, the Bananarama, which mixes bananas, apple juice, nonfat vanilla yogurt and strawberries. Or the Liquid Olympian, made with OJ, honey, banana, strawberries and peaches.

I say all of this because people who join their e-mail list – the Keva Klub – will receive a coupon in their e-mail for a free 24-ounce regular blend smoothie. That’s a pretty generous offer just for giving them your e-mail address. You’ll have 2 weeks to redeem the coupon after you get it. It does take about 24 hours to show up in your email, so think ahead if you’re planning on going anytime soon.

Keva is at 6600 N. Freeway, Suite 108, in Fort Worth.

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