Free Kids' Project Box from Kiwi Crate
Free Kids' Project Box from Kiwi CrateChildren bored at home can be a very dangerous thing. Head off wall-coloring incidents with Kiwi Crate, a service that delivers fun, creativity-inspiring project boxes to your home. Right now, Kiwi Crate is offering a FREE “My Glowworm Friend” project box so you can try them out. With this project, kids can create their very own snuggly glowworm friend that really glows! In addition, you’ll receive a bonus Explore magazine filled with more project ideas and activities. You’ll pay a small shipping fee of $3.95 for this freebie. My kids were enrolled in Kiwi Crate for a while and they really enjoyed the projects they received.

Visit the Kiwi Crate site to claim your free box and get started.