bluebunnyBlue Bunny is doing it again! Earlier this year, they offered their frozen yogurt treats – Aspen and Sedona bars – free after rebate if you bought it over Memorial Day weekend. They brought back the offer for Labor Day. Now, if you buy a box of Aspen or Sedona anytime from Sept. 5 through Sept. 7, you can mail in your receipt, proof of purchase and a form to get a check back for your purchase price. I did this during the Memorial Day offer and it was an awesome treat that my family really enjoyed. I bought the Aspen bars.

Click here for your form. You must send the entire package by Sept. 19 to be eligible.

My best tip on successful rebating is to do it right away. Usually, when I come home from the store, I immediately cut the proof of purchase off of the box and put it in the envelope right away with my receipt and order form. I usually print the form before I even buy anything. Then I stick a stamp on it and put it in my mailbox right then and there, even if the mail carrier’s already stopped by for the day.

I also recommend purchasing the free-after-rebate item in a separate transaction – don’t lump it in with all of your other purchases, unless you’re sure that you won’t need to return anything later.

There was a coupon for $2 off Aspen or Sedona in the August 2 Smartsource insert, and you can definitely use it on this transaction. You should get back your before-coupon price, making this an even better deal!

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