Free Event: Billy the Kid DayI’ve always loved the town of Hico. It’s about an hour and a half southwest of Fort Worth. I pass through it on my way down to Austin and it’s so charming – plus, they have a really good pie shop. And there’s a fun event going on there this weekend: Billy the Kid Day. This annual celebration is in honor of the town’s most (in)famous “resident.” Many people in Hico believed (and still do) that the famous Wild West killer was not shot by Pat Garrett in 1881, but moved to Hico under the name “Brushy Bill” and lived a long life. (Most historians say this is a myth; read more about it here.)

Anyhow, Billy the Kid Day is a family-friendly celebration that includes “old-fashioned fun,” a car show, a Wild West shootout reenactment, arts and crafts vendors, quilt displays and more. This is a free event. The Billy the Kid Museum in downtown Hico will also have a series of events; see more about those here. The museum does not charge admission, but donations are accepted.