cinnrollSandwich shop Schlotzsky’s wants you to try their new Cinnabon offerings. So on July 25, from 3 to 7 p.m., a FEW stores will be holding a “Sweet & Greet” event, where you can try a sample of their Cinnabon rolls and a free cup of coffee.

To find a Schlotsky’s location near you, visit and enter your ZIP code. Caveat: It does not look like many stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex are participating. I called two stores in Fort Worth (the one on Camp Bowie and the one on Bryant Irvin) and neither of them said that they are participating, because they do not serve Cinnabon products yet. Here’s a hint: When you search for a location near you on the website, look for stores with the cinnamon-roll icon – that means they serve Cinnabon and are more likely to be in on this deal. The only participating store that I found was in Granbury. So if you live down there, or you’re going to be there over the weekend, stop in at their location on 1100 Waters Edge Drive and get your freebie! They said they’ll be offering a full-size small coffee and half a cinnamon roll.

I also saw that the Cleburne location serves Cinnabon, but I do not know whether they are in on this event. Call 817-645-6677 if you want to find out.

Photo courtesy of stevendepolo via a Creative Commons license.